4 ways to Make a Presentation Memorable

It’s a common sight – About 10 minutes into your presentation, you find people dozing off, checking their phones, and talking to each other. You try to be flamboyant and to speak louder, hoping to make a positive impression, but it just doesn’t seem to work.


Actually, it’s not surprising. We generally have short attention spans, and when we’re flooded with chunks of heavy text and images, our minds start to wander. To make your presentation memorable, sometimes it’s good to keep things simple. If you’ve ever been to a presentation skills course, you’ll likely have seen these principles in practice.


Here are 4 quick techniques you can use for your slides.


  1. One Point Per Slide
    If you can tweet your thoughts and opinions within 140 characters, you can definitely do the same for your slides. Think of the main points that you wish to highlight, and create an individual slide for them. Leave the bullet points out – Your audience does not need to know every single detail for now. If it’s necessary to have some information, put it in the next slide instead.

    Bite-sized information that’s packaged within few words, combined with well-rehearsed speech techniques, can help you sustain interest better than massive chunks of text.

  2. Clean and Appropriate Elements
It’s understandable – Colours are awesome, and unique fonts are so interesting. But these elements are only good if used appropriately with the right intentions. If you’re in the creative industry, wild colors and random fonts may be suitable for your presentation. However, if you’re doing a business presentation, the key is to keep it professional. Too many clashing colors can be nauseating, so keep it to 3 if you’re not experienced with colour combinations.

    Make sure your images serve a purpose, or your audience may be confused. Try image sites such as Shutterstock for high resolution images that are relatively inexpensive, and don’t scrimp and save when it comes to delivering a professional pitch! If you frequently conduct presentations, you may wish to consider setting aside a budget for professionally taken images.

  3. Remove the Funky Effects
    Alright, you thought it was really cool the first time you saw your slide text rush in diagonally. Then, you were amazed at the dozens of shapes your slides could transition into. Unfortunately, it may not be suited for a professional presentation.

    If your main purpose is to make your presentation memorable, remove the effects unless necessary, such as to emphasize a slide or two. Too many variations of such effects tend to be distracting and cause a massive headache.

  4. Rule of Three 
    The purpose of lists and bullet points were meant to help your audience remember, learn, and understand. However, we tend to be so focused on sharing information that we end up data dumping. Even though information is good, excessive information may backfire instead, by offering your audience too much to absorb and process. Instead of straining mentally to understand, they may end up tuning out.

    To prevent this from happening, identify the three most important things you want to say, and put them on the slides. Remove unnecessary content, highlight keywords, and keep your messages short. Place bite-sized information on your audience’s platter to sustain their interest.


Design is not the only factor in making a presentation memorable. However, it is the foundation for a good presentation, and once you’re familiar with these techniques, you can begin improving in other areas, such as your speech and body language.


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All the best!


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