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My flounder to Oxbow Lodge in Northern Maine started basically the method it always has these previous four years, eager anticipation for a bear hunt that no one can anticipate the outcome of, and if any kind of body could predict, would you actually need to know before it all had an opportunity to unravel. To me the pre-hunt prep work, the reading of hunting write-ups as well as magazines and the thoughts of opening up day in the timbers in quest of video game with bow and arrow is just as much a part of my routines as the quest itself.

Go North for Big Bruins – North Maine That is (an individual account of my 2003 big bear quest).


At First


My trip up to Oxbow Lodge in Northern Maine started basically the way it always has these previous 4 years, anxious expectancy for a bear hunt that nobody might forecast the end result of, and also if any kind of body can anticipate, would you truly would like to know prior to everything had an opportunity to unfold. To me the pre-hunt preparations, the analysis of searching short articles as well as publications as well as the ideas of opening up day in the timbers in search of game with weapon is equally as much a component of my routines as the quest itself. This year I was intending on making my northern movement alone. My bow searching partner as well as ideal pal of 9 years, Steve Napiorski (I describe him as MARINE, he is a Semper Fi from some years back), was not able to join me due to current conflicts at his work area. Late summer season I obtained a phone call from my better half’s cousin and occasional hunting friend Dave Lowe and also he made inquiries as to weather I was heading up to Maine this year. I responded “of course”. He took place to say that he wanted going north and also would certainly be bringing along and older friend of his Victor for the quest of a life time. Dave has hunted the Oxbow Lodge in the past, having actually gathered a good 300lb boar his initial year in camp. Besides, I am always up for company on a hunting journey and the yearly view bears quest at the Oxbow Lodge Outfitters can suit a range of searching ages and tools of option.




Our drive north appeared to pass promptly as we enjoyed the boost in lovely scenery as time passed. I never ever appear to mind longer drives when I’m going searching or vacationing. As we took a trip north up through Maine, Mount Katadin showed up imminent. This stunning mountain welcomes site visitors to northern Maine and all that is gorgeous in this rustic northern land. Seeing this mountain and the changing shades of the fall foliage as we head north has ended up being an awareness point for me, knowing that oxbow lodge is not as well away and the search is soon to start. We came to the lodge on Sunday early morning a little bit earlier than what is the noontime arranged arrival for hunters. As I walked right into the kitchen area I was greeted with a handshake a hug and a really fond “hi it’s fantastic to see you once again” welcome from both Tom Aasbo as well as his spouse Tracey, owners of the lodge. I reestablished Dave Lowe (this is his 2nd journey in three years) and his searching buddy Victor, a 72 years of age gent who was just close to himself with exhilaration at the idea of bear searching. We talked briefly and then proceeded with the routine of obtaining our space job as well as a pleasant reminder that the standard prime rib ‘welcome seekers’ supper was immediately at 6pm this evening adhered to by our rules and details talks.




As we unloaded as well as cleared up in other seekers started to wander right into the lodge eager with enjoyment. There was talk of the upcoming weeklong opportunity to witness the great black bear in his very own north Maine timberland environments and with any luck be just one of the privileged hunters to be successful this coming week.


Having been to the lodge to birth search 3 previous years, I knew with Tom and also Tracey’s team as well as the lodge so I began introducing myself and also showing people around in more detail as Tom and also Tracey welcomed in the proceeding circulation of visitors. I had actually currently made my rounds earlier to see what modifications had actually been made to the lodge because I understand Tom as well as Tracey are always updating the lodge to make points as expert as well as comfortable as feasible for their guests. This is truly a superior area.


There is a game room with pool table, card table and plenty of pictures to glance at. There is a new personalized deck out back beautified with a huge hot tub for the guests and also a bow array out back full with stands like the ones you would quest from, ready for use. The weapon range is simply a couple miles in the future as well as the Aroostic River simply a short stroll later on or through the timbers. This year I had taken what has become my typical walk to the creek and also I had a bald eagle fly over my head complying with the river as he fished simply 50 feet above the water. It is quite typical to see moose during your go to both bulls and cows. This is truly a relaxing hunt and also vacation all in one, I think it is that unique combination of top quality relaxation, top quality searching and also top quality people that brings me therefore lots of others back every year.




Prior to you understand it suppertime has actually gotten here and also everybody is given their initial preference of the oxbow hospitality. After a pleasurable prime rib meal with homemade deserts, it is time to work out in and pay attention to Tom make his speech of what to anticipate at the lodge as well as exactly how things will certainly work for every person during their weeklong searching experience. Your house personnel is presented as well as the really qualified overview personnel as well as there is also an officer from the Maine searching as well as fisheries department (Tom Ward), accessible to field any questions you might have. The air abounds enjoyment and majestic bear installs border us along with various other wildlife places, a number of which Tom has taken himself with his weapon. The atmosphere of the lodge, specifically the big dinning location is just one of an old comfortable Adirondack lodge with big hand made tables, comfortable lounging chairs and also couches and also a big rocking chair bordered by elk, caribou and also trophy deer mounts. Although I have been in this scenario 3 previous years Sunday evening is still contagious with excitement and also simply packed with grinning hunter encounters as we all jest regarding big bears and what we all assume is mosting likely to take place out there.


By now it is evident to lots of hunters that I am a regular and I begin to area concerns from new lodge hunters on their very first bear search or on their first Maine bear quest. “Have you ever before been up to Canada for black bear?” “Have you ever before obtained a bear prior to and also what did you use as your tool of option?” Well yearly these seem to be two normal as well as repeating concerns as well as I delight in to discuss them both. I tell them that “Yes I have been to Canada for black bear as well as while Canada has its values you simply can’t beat Maine UNITED STATES for black bear activity as well as you can’t top the lodgings you get below at Oxbow both an area as well as at the lodge.” I take place to tell them of my two bad Canada experiences birth searching as well as firmly insist that I much favor to spend my money and time in the UNITED STATES. “Yes I am also fortunate enough to have actually collected a black bear my 2nd year approximately Oxbow.


I took a wonderful 175lb plant as well as she produced very amazing bow quest and also a stunning carpet.” As the night passes on we speak about several other points as though we all were searching friends for many years now as well as this was simply another among our many trips with each other. To me the sociability and typical objectives of the hunt is something I additionally delight in so much on my trips, it makes the whole trip experience worthwhile. As the clock turns towards midnight most of us begin to slowly head to our areas for a great nights rest knowing that thus far every little thing is good and also well in bear camp.




Morning brings a full bounty of breakfast things and also the seekers now aware of last night’s ritual of creating a line. Helping themselves to the buffet design food provided the line ends up being a location of jokes and tales as the week proceeds. The feeding frenzy of the hunters is a good time to chat and satisfy new folks as Tom and overview staff join right in and eat with the hunter’s daily. Questions concerning the area, previous pursues, bear facts, as well as simply plain talk is a normal task for all the seekers in the eating area.


Ultimately the time to hunt was upon us all. After the noontime supper, all the hunters went to their rooms to change for the search. As the hunters filtered outdoors as well as around the trucks that would at some point take them to their stands, Tom provided assisting assignments to the personnel. As we all loaded up into our trips there were mirrors of “good luck”, “fire a large one”, “do not fall asleep in your stand”. We were off. My overview was a gentleman named Don. Don was an indigenous Mainerd as well as was a true expert when it involved directing in the Northern Maine Woods. I would be searching in a well-established stand area about a 20 min drive from the Lodge. After the initial day Dave and also I were allowed to drive in ourselves. We were hunting in the same general area regarding 2 miles approximately apart. I was bow searching and Dave selected a 44-magnum Smith as well as Wesson as his gun for this hunt.


The first day was uneventful for me, yet Dave had a couple of cool sightings but select not to gather on the first day. As the night drew to an end as well as the daytime faded my first quest was over. A great quest although I had not appear a bear. As we relax the roadway toward the lodge we laughed around numerous things that had taken place that day and also anticipation of seeing some bear holding on the video game post was nearly to much to wait on. As we brought up to the lodge we might see the light out back by the game pole got on. This might just imply one point; a person shot a bear this night. As I recall there were two dandy bears taken that evening, both around the 200lb mark. One with a muzzleloader as well as one with a rifle. We had several bow hunters in camp today, as an issue fact it was practically a 50/50 split. None of the bow hunters had a shot but there were several even more bears seen this night.




On the 2nd day I had actually still not seen a bear. This was unusual for me, as I have actually come to nearly anticipate to see the black bruin on my day-to-day outings as in the past. This just goes to reveal you that nothing is automatic which the black bear is indeed an evasive as well as mindful pet. I researched every single branch, branch and also darkness before me as the hours ticked by. My location was energetic with many indicators of bear visitation, scat showed up as were a collection of trees sporting the apparent noting of a bruins claws. Despite the fact that it is only my 2nd day on stand, I have familiarized this location very well. It is outstanding just exactly how well a seeker can acquaint himself with a hunting configuration in such a brief time. As I sit and listen to the wilderness around me I can’t help however allow my mind wonder as well as contemplate several thoughts of the wild north. The woods have lots of task and also appears however just as swiftly as those sounds come, silence, I mean true and utter silence and also solitude fill your every sense and also environments.


If you are lucky enough you are paid sees from a few of the local pet varieties from coyote to grouse, to hare and possibly also a moose as well as a number of the locations bird types. As the daylight discolors on yet one more day, once more I lug with me the feeling of satisfaction, I go to peace with myself as well as the attractive environments. I make my method to the truck and also pick up Dave. Yes Dave has actually been seen by bears once more. He says the bears were different today than the other day, a Sow and also cubs. Dave goes on to clarify how much he enjoyed his site visitors and also we talk of the video clip footage he took of the bears. We were both eager to get back to the lodge to watch the tape and to see if the video game post had any activity this evening.

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